About Us

Indidoll is a product line of MiMitra Enterprises.

At MiMitra, we believe in providing children with long-lasting values right from the early years of their lives. We understand the importance of instilling these core values in children. Hence, we strongly urge parents to encourage determination, courage, self-discipline, hard-work, quest for learning, respect, honesty, kindness, love for family, friendship, love for animals and nature, and appreciation of art in their little ones. Mimitra believes that these core values cannot be taught like a subject in school. If children are repeatedly told to do something, they may lose interest in it; if shown them, they may imitate; but if you involve them, they will understand and believe. Every child is unique, and when channelized into learning with what amuses their minds, one may easily discover, with accuracy, the peculiar bent of the genius in each.

Our products are designed to provide children with an immersive and entertaining experience that allow them to understand and absorb these essential values in order to succeed in life. 

Indidoll draws its inspiration from strong Indian historical and contemporary women characters who followed their dreams against all odds. The concept of the product revolves around a little girl who lives in the times of the legendary woman character and gets inspired to follow her own dream. This little girl is motivated by her hero and is able to overcome mental fears and societal pressures to achieve her goals.

We invite you and your child to explore, dream and discover the power within.

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