Indidoll Concept


What triggers the creation of an invention?

What is the inspiration behind Tagore’s poems?

What is the thought behind Vinci’s Mona Lisa?

What drives an Olympic athlete to strive for gold?

It is Conviction….We all posses convictions within us, but how many of us are able to tap it! Unfortunately very few, as we are colored by bias, complexes and fears that have formed themselves well within us from the formative years.

We at MiMitra understand that adult impressions have deep roots seeded by childhood experiences; hence our effort is to bring out the conviction within us at an early age.

Our product – Indidoll draws inspiration from strong Indian historical and contemporary women who followed their dreams against all odds. The concept of the product revolves around a little girl who lives in the times of the strong woman character and gets inspired to follow her own dream. The little girl is motivated by her hero and is able to overcome mental fears and societal pressures.

Our intent is to reach out to children and unleash the power of their minds which goes beyond fancy clothes, perfect figures and fair complexions.

The product package consists of:

An 18” beautiful doll: A cuddly child-like doll which an Indian girl can completely identify with. The doll shows an Indian girl is beautiful just the way she is. The doll has been created to portray innocence, which is the most precious characteristic of a child. The doll comes to life in a story book. The doll is the physical adaptation of the main character in the story book. The doll comes with a dress designed from high quality Indian cloth and of Indian style. The character wears different clothes in the story and you have the opportunity of owning all these clothes

A story book: A sweet, innocent adventurous and fun filled story which is subtly inspirational. A little history and a little fiction bring the doll to life in the story. Beautiful illustrations keep the child captivated. As the main character in the book travels through various adventures, your child would continue to be engaged till the end. As a bonus, the story additionally covers a brief historical background of the era in which the story is based.

A matching dress for your child: Our aim is to enhance the reading experience. The child wearing the matching dress to the main character in the story, and holding the main character in her hands, magnifies the impact and joy of reading the story. The child’s continued interest in the story is ensured by allowing them to change dresses as per incidents in the story and allowing them to role play to story.

Since every story talks about an inspirational Indian woman character, while concentrating on values such as courage, determination or diversifying your child’s interests in sports, sciences or history, the product promises to be a treasured gift and a valuable long-term investment.

Come join our family!!

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